About Me

Hi and welcome to my little hair paradise!

EverydayHairInspiration is a place, where you can learn how to braid all kinds of different braids and make beautiful hairstyles, with some of the easiest tutorial online. My mission is to help you as much as I can, so you can have beautiful hair everyday!



I am self-taught and have loved doing hair since I was a child. Not that I was that good, but hey! You got to start somewhere! When I was 8 years old, I got a makeup doll, that I could do makeup and different hairstyles on. So I braided its hair and did different updos and had a hairstyling party on my own. So I have always love doing hair and when I was 17, I uploaded my first hair video to Youtube. People really seemed to like it and asked for other hairstyles and ofcourse I wanted to help. So I uploaded more videos and here we are today – MORE BRAIDS YAY!

If you have a braid request or just a question, leave a comment or dm me on Instagram! – Remember to follow my Youtube channel here & Instagram here so you never miss a new hairstyle!


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