Here is a list of some must-have hair styling products that I recommend! These products are basic products that are great to have and most of them I use myself daily!

I have tried to link to products I use on myself and in my videos. Some products may be similar to what I use because I couldn’t find the exact brand/product or the exact product wasn’t available anymore.

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Scroll down for all my recommendations!


My Favorite hair products: 

1. Small rubber bands

Hair ties

When doing braids, these tiny rubber bands is a must-have! I always buy either 500 or 1000 rubber bands at once, so I don’t run out so quickly and that amount will last me a good while!

I use the clear version because I have blonde hair, but if you don’t want the clear ones, then they also come in other colors. You can also get them in black, brown, light brown and some really colorful ones! So lots of colors to choose from!

Mini rubber bands – Buy here

If you only buy one thing, then tiny rubber bands it is!



2. Rubberband remover (No more hair pulling!) 

Taking out tiny rubber bands from your hair after a full day of wearing them is the worst! I have pulled out so much hair while taking them out and also used scissors to cut them out because they were really stuck in there. But that ends now!

This small amazing tool is a must to stop the hair pulling! You just put the tool around the rubber band and it simply cuts it out without cutting your own hair! Easy peasy!

Rubber band remover – Buy here

Highly recommend!



3. Wet Brush Original detangler 

wet brush

I have used a wet brush for as long as I can remember. I have gone through at least 2 of the brushes and I have worn them down! I use them for years at a time! It doesn’t pull your hair and it’s just a great brush for wet hair!

The wet brush comes in so many pretty colors and patterns. They have a Disney collection with the most adorable prints on the brushes! I just found this purple Ariel brush (left picture) and that might be my next one!

Wet brush Original detangler – Buy here

Wet brush Disney collection – Buy here

Best brush I have ever used!



4. Hairstyling clips

I use hair clips almost every day for everything! They are great when you have to braid your hair and need one side of the hair clipped away or when you are curling your hair and need to divide your hair into sections.

If you are pinning down your curls, to get a glamorous and voluminous look, then the tiny metal clips (on the right) are great to do so!

Pastel alligator clips – Buy here

Metal Double Prong Curl Clips – Buy here

Black butterfly clips – Buy here

A different variety of hair clips is a great thing to have!



5. Hand mirror

Every time I do my hair and makeup I use a hand mirror! I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have one of these, because whenever I have braided my hair or done a hairstyle, I use a mirror to check the back to see how it looks!

The round mirror comes in lots of different colors so if you don’t want a clear or black mirror, then check out the link below!

Clear/black round hand mirror – Buy here (Comes in more colors)

Square hand mirror – Buy here

This will be the best thing you have ever bought!



6. Topsy tail

A topsy tail is a great tool to have for doing different hairstyles. You can cover hair ties with it, flip your ponytail around, pull hair through braids, and much more!

Topsy tails are known for being a bit flimsy as it is thin plastic, but as long are you are careful with it, everything should be fine! I have had mine for over 2 years now, and it’s still as good as new!

Topsy tail set with rubber band remover – buy here

Purple topsy tail set, with hair ties – buy here

Basic topsy tail set – buy here

This is such a great tool for so many hairstyles!



7. Styling powder

I have used styling powder for so many years now and I have used up so many bottles, that I have lost count. If you have fine hair or very soft slippery hair, then this is a life-changing product! It will give you so much grip and volume and you will never go back to not using this product!

Osis+ Dust it – buy here

Got 2 be Powderfull – buy here

Kristin Ess Loose styling powder – but here

Styling powder is a must-try for everyone!



8.  Rat tail comb

A rat-tail comb is a must in my hair styling routine, I use it for parting my hair, teasing it, smoothing the hair out on top, and much more! I use it daily and have gone through quite a few of them!

Diane Rat tail comb – buy here

Black rat tail comb – buy here

Pin tail comb – buy here

The rat tail comb is my favorite type of comb there is!



9. Hair spray 

Hairspray is probably my favorite hair product ever! My hair does not move when I’m done styling it 😂 For the past many years, I have used the brand Schwarzkopf and it works just fine! I mostly use it because it’s really cheap and gets the job done, but I don’t have any complaints!

Loreal Lock it – buy here 

Got 2b Flex Insta Hold – buy here

Got 2b Glued – buy here

Hairspray is a great last step for all hairstyles!



10. Bobby pins

Bobby pins are great for pining down flyaways or for doing updos and all other hairstyles! When I buy bobby pins I buy a lot at once. Buying bobby pins in bulk is the only way to go because we all know that they disappear from your hair and are never to be seen again.

Bobby pins – Buy here (Comes in more colors)

I use gold bobby pins because my hair is blonde, but they also come in black and brown!


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