Can’t braid? Try Fake Braids: Your Ultimate Guide

Fake braids, also known as faux braids, are cleverly crafted hairstyles that create the illusion of braids without actually braiding the hair.

Instead of weaving and twisting, these hairstyles use techniques such as twisting, looping, and pinning the hair to mimic the appearance of braids.

The result is a beautifully braided hairstyle that looks just like the real thing, minus the braiding part!

This post is all about how to fake braids!


fake braids for beginners



Why should I try a fake braid? 

No Braiding Skills Required 

Not everyone has the patience or skill to master the art of braiding. With fake braids hairstyles, you can enjoy the beauty of braids without the need for difficult braiding patterns and techniques.



Fake braid hairstyles are incredibly versatile and can be adapted to suit any hair type, length, or texture. Whether you have short hair, long hair, straight hair, or curly hair, there’s a fake braids hairstyle that’s perfect for you.


The braids last a long time!

Because the braids are made out of small sections tied together with tiny elastics, the hair is not moving! So get ready for a long-lasting hairstyle that will not get loose throughout the day!


You can take a break whenever you need it 

As I mentioned earlier, the braids are made from small sections tied together, so you won’t have to deal with tired arms halfway through. Just take a break whenever you need to and pick up where you left off when you’re ready!




9 Faux Braids For beginners

Basic braid

This is a super simple way to mimic the regular 3-strand braid, and it looks almost identical! Nobody would even guess you’re wearing a fake braid in your hair!

fake braid


Fishtail braid

A regular fishtail braid often gets loose, and strands of hair can fall out during the day. But with this fake fishtail braid, you won’t have that issue!

fake braids


Double dutch braid

This fake double Dutch braid will give your hair a similar volume on top as real Dutch braids would! You don’t need to pull the hair out as much as shown in the video. By pulling less, you’ll get even closer to the real Dutch braid look!

fake dutch braid


Waterfall braid

Doing a waterfall braid can be tricky, but this fake one is super easy—anyone can do it! Plus, this fake version holds up much better than the real one!

fake waterfall braid


Regular braid

This isn’t exactly like the regular 3-strand braid, but if braiding isn’t your thing, this will still give you a cute hairstyle!

faux braid


Fishtail braid in ponytail

The real fishtail braid technique is simple but can be tricky to master. With this fake braid, you can achieve the same look without the difficulty!

fake fishtail braid


French braid

French braids are lovely, but if you struggle with the real one, give this fake version a shot!

fake french braid


Dutch braid

This braid is super easy to do on your own hair. If you’re unsure about Dutch braiding, this is the perfect braid for you to try out!

Fake Dutch braids


French fishtail braid

This braid is full of intricate details and makes for a beautiful hairstyle. It may take a little time to do, just like a regular French fishtail braid. However, with the fake one, you can take breaks as needed, which is a big plus!

Fake french fishtail


How Do I Remove Fake Braids Hairstyles?

You get to the end of the day and have to take your fake braid out but you don’t want to damage your hair – Here is 4 safe and secure ways of taking your hair elastics out without damaging the hair!


Slide Them Out

If they are not too tight, you can gently hold the hair above the elastic with one hand while using the other hand to slide the elastic out. Take your time and avoid pulling or tugging on the hair. If at any point the elastic is tugging at the hair, stop and try one of the other methods!


Use an elastic hair cutter 

This tool is perfect for taking out hair elastics! Glide it under the elastic and make sure there is no hair under the blade and then cut the elastic out – quick and no damage at all! Click here to buy!

faux braids


Apply a drop of essential oil to the elastic!

This is my favorite! Use a drop of essential oil to snap the elastic in seconds! It sounds too good to be true, but it works! Not all oils work, though—citrus oils like lemon are what I recommend.

Simply apply a drop directly on the rubber band, avoiding skin contact due to the potential irritant, and watch the elastic snap! No scissors are needed—just a little citrus power!


Cut Them Out with scissors

If you are taking out elastics on someone else, just use a scissor! It’s easy to use a scissor when you can see what you are doing!

Hold the hair above and below the elastic firmly, then make sure there is no hair between the scissor and the elastic, and then snip the elastic in the middle. Once the elastic is cut, remove each half from the hair without pulling or tugging.



Are Fake Braids Hairstyles Damaging to Hair?

No, fake braid hairstyles are usually safe for hair and shouldn’t cause damage if done correctly. However, using hair elastics roughly on your hair can damage it, so be gentle.
Take your time and remove them properly to prevent any damage!


How to fake a braid, if braiding is not for you!


This post was all about how you can learn to do faux braids for beginners!



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