How To French Braid Your Own Hair

Woman sitting with the back to the camera, the hair is braided in a french braid Woman French braiding her own hair in a single braid

Some of my most popular videos on my channel, is “how to French your own hair braid” and”how to dutch braid“. So I looked through my old videos and noticed that I didn’t have a video, showing you guys, how to do a single french braid on yourself, I only had a video showing how to do it on others. So for 2 weeks only, I´m back on camera, showing you how to do, exactly that! Next week we are tackling the dutch braid so stay tuned for that! I tried as best as I could to show you, in this video, how I was holding the different strands while braiding and how I add in hair to the braid. So if you would like to french braid your own hair, then check out the video and follow along and try it out!

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If you are a complete beginner to braids, then check out my How To Braid For Beginners” playlist!



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