How To French Braid Your Own Hair – Hand-Placements, How To Add Hair & More

Knowing how to french braid your own hair is a great skill to have! And this post will teach you everything you need to know!

If you want to do double french braids, but don’t know how to, then I would recommend starting out with a single french braid, to learn the pattern and then move on to two braids. I think it would be easier to learn how to braid with bigger sections of hair you can easily grab compared to smaller sections, that are easier to lose track of.

Scroll to the bottom if you would like to see how to double french braid your hair!

This post is all about how you can french braid your own hair for beginners!

French braid your own hairFrench braid your own hair

How to French braid your hair

Hand-placement in a french braid

In the video below, I show you step by step how I move the strands around while braiding and how and where you can add hair in to the braid in an easy way. If I show it to quick in the tutorial, you can always slow down the video in the settings on YouTube!

In a french braid you move all the strands to one hand, while adding hair on the other side with the free hand. Then you move all the strands to the oppisite hand and do it all over again. So the strands just move back and forth between your hands, but you can see that in much more detail in the video below!


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Things you will need to french braid on yourself

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So what is the difference between a french and a dutch braid?

A question I get asked often is “What is the difference between a french braid and a dutch braid?”.

The simple answer is that if you braid a French braid, you cross the strand of hair over and into the middle, and if you braid a dutch braid, you cross the strand of hair under and into the middle.

The only difference is whether you cross the hair over or under. So, if you know how to dutch braid your own hair, then learning to french braid will be a piece of cake! Because the technique is 99% the same.

If you would like to dutch braid your hair instead, then click here to read/watch “How to dutch braid your own hair

This post was all about how you can learn easily to french braid your own hair for complete beginners!


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