6 Dragon Braid Hairstyles For Beginners – Fake Dutch Braids

Unlock the magic of dragon braid hairstyles with this beginner-friendly guide! In this post, we’ll explore six stunning variations of the dragon braid, each simplified and tailored for complete beginners to hairstyling!

This post is all about how to dragon braid!


Dragon braid


Why is it called a dragon braid?

This braid goes by many names! The ‘dragon braid’ is currently the trendiest term on social media. 

When I first began styling hair, it was referred to as a ‘pull-through braid.’ A few years later, it was known as a ‘3D braid’, and ‘elastic braid’ and now it’s called a dragon braid, though it remains the same. 

It’s a braid known for its intricate detail and voluminous appearance!


What is the difference between a dutch braid and a dragon braid?

While they share similarities, each offers a different approach to hairstyling.

A Dutch braid consists of three strands crossed over each other, with additional hair incorporated as you braid along the scalp, resulting in a braid that sits on top of the head.

In contrast, this is crafted from ponytails. These ponytails are divided into multiple sections, ranging from two to four or more, depending on the desired hairstyle. The most common approach involves splitting the hair into two sections, resembling a Dutch braid without braiding.

To summarize, a Dutch braid utilizes traditional braiding techniques to create a braid, while a this braid involves weaving together small ponytails, bypassing the need for braiding, and offering a fake braid appearance.


6 Different types of Dragon braids for beginners

Basic braid

The simple dragon braid is a lot like the regular three-strand braid. The cool thing about it is it stays put, thanks to the elastics, so it’s awesome for sports! After your game, you can twist the braid into a nice textured bun for a different style!

Dragon braids


Dutch braid

If you’ve ever tried dutch braiding your hair down the back of your head, you know it’s tough and can tire out your arms! So give this dutch dragon braid a shot for a similar look without all the arm strain. Plus, since it’s made with elastics, you can take breaks whenever you want!

dutch dragon braid


3d braid In ponytail

This fancy ponytail will have everyone talking! It’s got lots of cool details that’ll make people wonder how you did it. But trust me, it’s easier than it seems! The braid has that cool 3D effect where it looks great no matter which way you look at it.

3d dragon braid


Dutch 3d braid 

This Dutch 3D dragon braid is like a supercharged braid! It’s packed with amazing details and has this awesome 3D effect, so it looks fantastic no matter which way you look at it!

dutch 3d dragon braid


Simple Updo

If mastering just one updo is your goal, look no further! This versatile style is ideal for any occasion you have in mind. From weddings to birthday celebrations, it’s simply perfect!

Moreover, you have the flexibility to dress this updo to suit any vibe. Whether you’re aiming for extra elegance or a more relaxed feel, simply add hair jewelry or let down your bangs, framing your face with soft curls to elevate the look even further!

Dragon braid updo


Double dutch dragon braids

If you’ve been longing for Dutch braids but haven’t mastered the technique, the dragon braid is your go-to solution! It gives you the most volume, creating a hairstyle that is light and airy and will last for ages.

One of the best perks of the dragon braid? You can take breaks whenever your arms need a rest! While it involves creating multiple small ponytails, you’re in control of your pace and can pause whenever you desire.

Double dutch dragon braid


How to do these beautiful braids?

To learn how to dragon braid as a complete beginner, then check out this easy step by step tutorial showing you 6 different ways to dragon braid!


This post was all about learning how to do a dragon braid in 6 different ways for beginners!



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