How To Braid Your Hair – 25+ Easy Hairstyles

Learning how to braid your hair will open a whole new world of hairstyles you have never tried before and it will take a while before you run out of ideas for hairstyles in the morning!

This post is all about how you can braid your hair!

braid your hair


Braiding your own hair as a beginner

Why you should braid your hair

  1. So many hairstyles: You should braid your hair because it’s fun! There are so many types of braids to choose from and you will never run out of ideas. You can french braid, dutch braid, fishtail braid, rope braid and so much more. Whether you are going to work, to the gym, or to a special occasion you can find a braid and turn it into a beautiful hairstyle.
  2. Less damage: Braiding your hair will provide protection you your hair, which will prevent damage, tangling, and breakage. If you braid your hair at night, it can also minimize friction and reduce future split ends and knots in your hair. Braids can also be very low maintenance and you can wear them for multiple days at a time!
  3. Hide dirty hair: If your hair is getting dirty and you don’t want to wear it down anymore, then braiding is a great option as the oils on your hair will help smooth down the hair while braiding.


Who can do these hairstyles?

Everyone can join in on this video as it showcases all skill levels! So, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert braider you can use this video!

I show you a range of hairstyles that you can either follow step by step and learn how to do in your own hair or simply use it as inspiration for hairstyle if you already know the braid!


What hairstyles will you learn in this video

Easy Beginner Braids

  1. 3 strand braid
  2. Rope braid
  3. Fishtail braid
  4. Ponytail
  5. Ballerina bun
  6. Claw clip twist
  7. How to curl your hair

Medium level braids

  1. Classic bun
  2. Messy chignon bun
  3. Single french braid (1 way to add hair)
  4. Single french braid (2 ways to add hair)
  5. Double french braid
  6. Double dutch braid
  7. Single dutch braid (1 way to add hair)
  8. Single dutch braid (2 ways to add hair)
  9. French braids with extensions
  10. Dutch braids with extensions
  11. More french braids
  12. More dutch braids
  13. Pull through braid

Advanced level braids

  1. Waterfall braid
  2. Dutch infinity braid
  3. Dutch fishtail braid
  4. Double french fishtail braid
  5. French rope braid
  6. Double french rope braid
  7. Double dutch fishtail
  8. French fishtail braid


braid your hair


How to style your own hair for beginners in 25+ ways 

Should you braid in wet or dry hair?

You can do both! Choose the type of hair that works best for you. I prefer dry hair, but that´s just what I’m used to and I like the way it looks when I’m done. If wet hair works better for you, then go for that! There is no right or wrong way to braid – as long as you love the result!


What is the difference between a french braid and a dutch braid?

This has been the most asked question in all my years of braiding online. But the answer is quite simple and here it is.

The technique in a french braid and a dutch braid is 99,9% the same, the only difference is that in a french braid you braid the hair over and in a dutch braid you braid the hair under.

When you braid the hair over you get the braid to lay flat against the head and when you braid the hair under you like the braid up, so it’s on top of the head, which gives you more volume to your braid.


How to do heatless curls and waves

Heatless curls are really trendy right and you can easily create the most beautiful bouncy curls overnight. It’s so popular because its heatless, so it doesn’t damage your hair and only takes 5-10 minutes to wrap the hair up before bed and then the magic happens while you are sleeping. In the morning you simply unwrap the twists and you are left with the most amazon voluminous curls.

You can’t create curls like that with a braid, but you can get the most beautiful heatless waves! Before you go to bed, dampen your hair slightly (optional add some mouse to your hair) and then do a double french rope braid. In the morning when you unravel the braids, you will get the most beautiful waves with no heat styling at all – and it only takes 5-10 minutes!


Hair prep

Before you begin to style your hair, you need to prep your hair so it’s easier to style. If you have really fine hair, you might need some hair products that create volume and grip to the hair. My go-to product is a texturizing powder, which works wonders! Linked below.


Tools I’m using to create 28 hairstyles

You don’t need that many things to do lots of hairstyles, but there are a few basic items, that you need. Most you probably already have, but if you don’t then these are 5 items I would recommend to have!


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How To Braid Your Own Hair – Simple Braided Hairstyles For Beginners!

This post was all about learning how to braid your hair for beginners!


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