How To Waterfall Braid Your Own Hair – With Step by Step Video

A waterfall braid is very easy to do, but it can be a bit nerve-wracking to do as you have to let go of some of the hair in the middle of braiding, which doesn’t really sound like a great plan!

This braid is the perfect braid for a half up half down hairstyle, but you can also just do 1 braid on one side to get some of your hair out of your face. If you are feeling a half up half down hairstyle, then braid 1 braid on each side and tie them together at the back of your head, which will give you a seamless braid!

This post is all about how you can waterfall braid your own hair!

Waterfall braids Waterfall braid


Things you might need to create these waterfall braids

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How to waterfall braid your own hair step by step

If you want a more romantic feeling to this hairstyle, then this braid looks amazing in curled hair!

If you like the curly look, then you can either curl your hair before braiding and then go over the pieces that fall out of the braid one more time when you are done, to make sure they fall the right way. Or you can curl your hair after braiding, so you are braiding in straight hair, which might be easier for some people.

This braid also looks good in straight hair beacuse the straight hair gives it a more sleek look.


More ways to create different waterfall braids

A waterfall braid is such a beautiful braid and there are so many variations you can do. I have linked below all the waterfall braid videos I have done on my channel, so if you don’t want to create the classic basic one, then there are other styles to choose from!


Classic Waterfall Braid

This waterfall braid is the same as the one I did in my own hair, but if you want to create the braid on other people, then maybe this video is easier to follow. If you are creating a half up half down hairstyle, then you can see how it will look in the thumbnail – Read the blog post here!


Faux Waterfall Braid

If you want a braid that is more secure and easier to do than the classic waterfall braid, then the faux version is the one you need to try! You just braid a basic braid on the side and then you pull small sections of hair through the braid with either your fingers or a topsy tail tool (linked above) as I do in the video!


Twisted Waterfall Braid

This twisted version of the braid doesn’t involve any braiding, but it gives the same cascading effect when it’s done! It’s quite easy to do, but you do need long bangs or long hair at the front because you don’t add in any hair to the “braid”. So the starting strands you are using has to be longer than what you want the braid to be.


Scissor Waterfall braid

This braid is a MUST-TRY!! It´s the most beautiful braid ever and I absolutely love the effect it gives! It looks really hard to do, but it’s a lot simpler than you might think. It might not be the easiest braid to do on yourself, but grab a friend and get your friend to braid your hair!


This post is all about how you to braid waterfall braids step by step for complete beginners


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