Easy Braided Heart Hairstyle – Simple Half Up Half Down Hair For Beginners

This hairstyle is a lot easier than it looks. All you need to be able to do is a basic 3-strand braid, then the rest is just weaving the braid back and forth in the right pattern!

This post is all about how to do a heart braided hairstyle for beginners!

heart braided hairstyle  How to braid a heart

A half up half down hairstyle is a great style to do, as it´s a very romantic and feminine hairstyle and it keeps your hair out of your face, so win-win! You can do this hairstyle on straight, wavy, or curly hair, it will look great! I decided to curl the hair as it gives a softer look to the overall hairstyle.

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Things you will need to create this braid

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Braided heart hairstyle step by step

  1. Grab a small section from each side of the head and tie them together at the back of the head
  2. Grab a second section below the first section and split the hair into 3 equal sections
  3. Braid the hair into a basic 3-strand braid
  4. Repeat step 3 on the other side, so you have 2 braids
  5. Now bring the hair under and up the not braided strand of hair
  6. Then bring it down over and then under the braid again, so you have created a circle
  7. Repeat step 6 on the other side so you have 2 halves of the heart
  8. Bring the 2 braids together in the middle and tie them together to create the bottom point of the heart
  9. Remove the elastics from the bottom of the braids and untangle the part of the braid you haven’t used


Other Heart Braided Hairstyles

Romantic Braided Heart Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

If you want to try out another heart hairstyle, that

This post was all about how you can learn to do an easy and simple heart braided hairstyle as a complete beginner!


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