Easy Double Pull Through Braid For Beginners – NO BRAIDING

This double pull through braid is made out of small ponytails and elastics, so everyone can do it!

It’s so easy to do on yourself as you can take breaks through the “braid” to check on how it looks because you can just let go of the hair and nothing will happen!

This post is all about how to do a double pull through braid.

Double pull through braid easy Double pull through braid

A double pull through braid is a great alternative to a dutch braid and will give you a similar effect. So if you are struggling to do a dutch braid, then give this braid a try!

You don’t have to do a double braid, you can do one big braid and make it massive! If you want to do just.1 braid, then I have linked a tutorial below for you to check out!



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Easy & Simple fake dutch braid tutorial


How to double pull through braid step by step for beginners

Time requirement: 25 minutes

Braiding level: Easy

  1. Split your hair into 2 equal sections, so you get 2 braids
  2. Clip one side of the hair up so it’s out of the way
  3. Take a section at the front of the head and secure the hair into a ponytail
  4. Take a new section and create a second ponytail
  5. Now split the first ponytail in half
  6. Pull the second ponytail through the 2 halves and clip the ponytail out of the way
  7. Now create a new ponytail and include the 2 halves from the first ponytail before securing it
  8. Repeat steps 5 – 7 a few times so you have a few “loops”
  9. Pull in the sides of the “loops” so fan out the hair
  10. Repeat steps 5-9 until you reach the nape of the neck and there is no more hair you can add to the braid
  11. For the hair hanging down, take the top ponytail and split it in half
  12. Pull the 2 halves around the bottom ponytail and secure the hair with an elastic, so you have created a loop around the other ponytail
  13. Pull in the sides of the “loop” to give the hair volume
  14. Repeat steps 11-12 until you reach the bottom of the hair

Pull through braid double


Other pull through braid hairstyles to try

How to Basic Pull Through Braid For Beginners

If you have never tried a pull through braid before, then maybe try this tutorial, where you add no hair into the braid, just to learn the basic technique of the braid, before moving along to the more advanced pull through braid.


How To Pull through Braid Updo

If you want to take the pull through the braid to a more fancy place, then you can do a pull through braid updo! It looks difficult, but this is the easiest updo you will ever try!


How to pull through braid your own hair

If you want to braid your own hair, then a pull-through braid is the perfect braid to do! You can take breaks in between “braiding” and check in the mirror to see how the hair looks! 10/10 recommend doing this in your own hair!


This post is all about how to create a voluminous double pull through braid hairstyle for complete beginners


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