How To 5 Strand Braid Step by Step For Complete Beginners

A five strand braid is a really pretty braid, but managing 5 strands at one time can be quite a task and a third hand would be nice! But with some practice, you will be creating this hairstyle in no time!

This post is all about how to do a five strand braid!

The 5 strand braid looks way more difficult to do than it is, once you know the “rhythm” of the braid and can remember it, then it’s actually quite simple! it goes like this “Over and under on one side, then over and under on the other side”. Remember that, while you are braiding and braiding a five strand braid will be a breeze! and you can keep repeating it all the way down the braid if you find that helpful!



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How to 5 strand braid Step by step

Below you can find an easy follow-along tutorial on how to five strand braid, if you don’t already know how to braid, then further below I have linked a tutorial on how to 3 strand braid and how to 4 strand braid, which is a great way to start and then advancing up to the five strand braid!



Time requirement: 5 minutes – depending on the hair length

Skill level: Advanced

  1. Split all the hair into 5 equal sections
  2. Take the right outer strand and cross it over and then under so it’s now the middle strand (For hand placement watch the video)
  3. Then take the left outer strand and cross it over and then under so this is now the middle strand
  4. Repeat steps 2 – 3 until you reach the end of the hair
  5. Pinch all 5 strands together into one and tie the braid off


More 5 strand braid for you to try!

How to 5 strand ribbon braid

A ribbon braid is a beautiful braid, that gives you the option to add some color to your hair! You can choose whatever material you want as long as you can move it around and braid with it! You can add glitter or pearls, only your imagination will stop you!


how to dutch 5 strand braid

This one is an advanced braid! If you think a 5 strand braid is difficult, then try adding hair to it at the same time. It’s not impossible to do, but it took me a good amount of practice and a lot of patience! But just look at the result! It’s so worth it!



Learn How to 3 and 4 strand braid 

How to 3 strand braid

If you have never braided, then this is the place to start. There are only 3 strands to work with, but if you´re a complete beginner, it can take a few tries to master it, but its the base of most braids, so this is a great one to know!


How to 4 strand braid

When you have mastered the basic 3 strand braid, then you can move on and add one more strand and do one of these beautiful 4 strand braids. There are 3 different types of four strand braids you can do, so pick your favorite!

This post was all about how you can learn to do a 5 strand braid as a complete beginner!


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