How To Rope Braid Your Own Hair

This rope braid is a perfect everyday hairstyle as it only takes a few minutes to do in the morning and it looks really elegant and classy.

This post is about how to rope braid!

how to rope braid for beginners

How to rope braid for beginners

A rope braid is a perfect alternative to a 3 strand braid or a simple messy bun. If you need your hair up it takes less than a few minutes to twist your hair into a beautiful rope braid and if you want a bun you can simply take the rope braid and twist it around itself, secure it and now you have an elegant quick bun!

This rope braid is also perfect for heatless waves. Simply braid your hair into a basic rope braid or a french rope braid and sleep with the braid in overnight and the next morning you will have beautiful soft waves!

If you do it with this basic rope braid, the waves will only be in the lower part of the hair, but it still looks really nice!


Things you might need to create this hairstyle

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Easy step-by-step guide on how to rope braid

Time requirement: 3 min

Skill level: Easy

  1. Pull all your hair to the back, if you find it hard braiding behind your head, you can also just do a side braid
  2. Split your hair into 2 equal sections
  3. Twist both strands to the right a few times
  4. Then cross the right strand over the left strand so they switch places
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 until you reach the end of the hair and then tie the braid of

how to rope braid


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This post was all about how to rope braid your own hair as a complete beginner!


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