24 Easy Braids For Beginners You Have To Try – Summer 2022

If you are a beginner at braids and don’t really know which one you want to learn or which braids exist, then in this post I’m showing you 24 different braids you can try out!

You will learn everything from basic braids to french and dutch braids to more unique braids such as infinity braids and ribbon braids. Down below is each braid is linked with its own separate video, so if you want to check out the names of the braids or you only want to learn one, you don’t have to skip through the long video with all 24 braids in!

This post is all about 24 braids you have to try this summer!

Collage with 24 pictures of different braids. from right to left, 1 row: Double french braid, Dutch Braid, pull through braid, dutch ribbon braid, French braid, 4 strand flat braid, fishtail braid, 4 strand round braid. Row 2: rope braid, 4 strand braid, double French rope braid, infinity braid, French fishtail braid, double dutch braid, dutch 5 strand braid, double dutch infinity braid. Row 3: Ribbon braid, dutch fishtail braid, 3 strand braid, double French fishtail braid, dutch infinity braid, French rope braid, 5 strand braid, double dutch fishtail braid.

24 Day Hair Braiding challenge 

If you want to try out all 24 braids, then do a “raiding challenge” and try to learn a new braid every day for 24 days or space it out over 1 month. If you try out any one of these 24 easy braids for beginners then let me know how it goes!


Things you will need to create these braided hairstyles

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Braids you have to try for summer

If you are looking for just 1 of the braids, then all individual videos will be listed down below.

How To Double French Braid For Beginners

French braids are such a great braid to know, when you know the technique by heart, it will only have you 10-15 minutes to do this hairstyle! And the braids are great for heatless overnight waves!

How To Single Dutch Braid with Hand placement

This braid is a braid you need to know! It´s so easy to do once you have the hand placement down and its such a great hairstyle to quickly braid your hair into if you need your hair out of your face!

How To Pull Through Braid 

If you can not braid for your life, then this is the braid for you!! All you need is to create small ponytails and pull through each other just as the name suggests.

How To Dutch Ribbon Braid 

This is a difficult braid to do, I’m not going to lie! But it looks beautiful in the hair and you can do whatever color of ribbon or even switch out the ribbon for pearls or whatever you can find.

How To Single French Braid Step by Step

If you know how to 3 strand braid, then a french braid is the next step on your braiding journey! It’s really simple as it follows the pattern of the basic braid, but you just add some hair on each side before crossing the hair over and into the middle.

How To 4 Strand Flat Braid For Beginners

There are multiple ways you can braid with 4 strands. In the video below you will learn how to do a flat 4 strand braid, which I feel might be the easiest way for a beginner to tackle 4 strands at once!

How To Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braid only has 2 strands and is a great beginner-friendly braid. This braid is perfect if you are going for a boho feel to your hairstyle and it’s amazing for half up half downs!

How To 4 Strand Round Braid

This might be one of my favorite braids, because of the 3D effect it gives. If you have long hair this is the perfect braid to try in a high ponytail!

How To create a basic Rope Braid

This braid is such a great alternative to a basic 3 strand braid. It’s perfect to do in a low ponytail down the back as well as a high ponytail, it that more your style. It only has 2 strands and is a great braid for beginners!

How To do a Four Strand Braid

If you have mastered the basic 3 strand braid and you want to level up your braiding game, then you can do that by adding one more strand. This is my favorite kind of 4 strand braid and I’m sure you will love it too!

How To do a Double Rope Braid

If you are getting tired of dutch and french braids, but still want a double braid, then you might want to give a french rope braid a try. It will give you a similar look, but there are only 2 strands to braid with instead of 3.

How To Infinity Braid For Beginners

An infinity braid looks a lot harder than it is. It’s so easy to do, but it does take quite some time to do because you are working with such small sections. You can take much bigger sections and save time, but you will lose some of the delicate detail.

How To French Fishtail Braid Step by Step

This braid looks so beautiful when it’s done because it has so much detail! If you want to take your basic fishtail braid to the next level, then this is the braid for you. You can also do a dutch fishtail braid, which will be linked further down the page.

How To Double Dutch Braid 

This is probably the most popular braid ever and I get why! Because it looks amazing as a double braid and it´s such a practical hairstyle! You can wear it really tight and sleek or messy, by pulling in the sides of the braid to give it volume and fluff it up.

How To 5 Strand Dutch Braid 

This looks difficult and I must admit, it’s not the easiest braid to do. You have to maneuver 5 strands at once and add hair to the braid on both sides, but when it’s done, it looks so beautiful and is so unique, so you have to give it a try!

How To Double Dutch Infinity Braid 

I love the look of this braid and if you are going for the “chunky braid” style, then this is the braid for you! It does take quite some time to do, but you can save some time by taking bigger sections or ditching the 2 braids and only going for one. The single braid will be linked further down the blog post.

How To Ribbon Braid Step By Step

A ribbon braid is perfect for a high pony and can be the cherry on top for a well-thought-out outfit. You can add whatever color ribbon you want and if you don’t have any ribbon, then you can replace it will 2 small sections of hair.

How To Dutch Fishtail Braid

A dutch fishtail braid is one of my favorite braids because there is so much detail in the braid and it looks beautiful in the hair. If you want to upgrade your basic fishtail braid, then I would recommend trying the dutch version out!

How To Braid Hair – A Normal Braid

If you can not braid for your life, then this braid is where you have to begin. This is the base pattern of the most popular braids and when you understand the technique behind this 3 strand braid, then you can easily learn more braids!

How To Double French Fishtail Braid

The last time I did double french fishtail braids on myself, it took about 35-40 minutes… But I can tell you it was worth it! I loved the hairstyle and the compliments were flying in! My arms did hurt a lot and I did have to take a few breaks, but I would do it again!

How To Single Dutch Infinity Braid

A dutch infinity braid is a perfect braid for an updo! When done braiding, tuck the ends of the hair up under the braid and secure the hair with some hairpins, and voila! 1 unique updo for any occasion!

How To Do a French Rope Braid For Beginners

A french rope braid is such a beautiful braid and is a great alternative to a dutch braid or a french braid. It takes less then 5 minutes to do and is perfect for working out!

How To Do a 5 Strand Braid For Beginners

A five-strand braid is probably not the go-to braid that you will do every morning, but it looks really cool! It is a lot easier to do than what it looks like, the hardest part is to hold 5 strands at once, but definitely a must-try braid!

How To Double Dutch Fishtail Braid

A double dutch fishtail braid will take a while to do, but it looks amazing! I wouldn´t say this is an alternative to the double french braid or the double dutch braid because of how long it takes. Look wise they are very similar, but this braid takes about 30 minutes longer to do!


This post was all about learning 24 different braids to do in your hair for summer!


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