The Ultimate Guide: How To Fishtail Braid For Beginners

Fishtail braid for beginners is the focus for today, so we are taking a look at all the different ways you can braid your own hair into a fishtail braid.

This post is perfect for beginner braiders as well as advanced braiders! If you have never done a fishtail braid before in your life or you dont really know what it is, then you found the right place. This post will teach you 5 ways to fishtail braid on yourself from the basic fishtail braid to a double dutch fishtail braid!

This post is all about fishtail braid for beginners!

Fishtail braid or beginners


How To Fishtail Braid Your Own Hair

If you are a complete beginner then start with the basic fishtail braid, which is the first braid in the video below and when you feel more comfortable with the technique, then move up to a french or a dutch version of the braid, once you have the technique down.

Are you more advanced then maybe check out some of the more complicated fishtail braids, such as a dutch fishtail braid or a french fishtail braid!

In this video you will learn all the fishtail braids I have ever done on my channel! This is a full talk through video, where I explain how to fishtail braid step by step. I explain everything, such as how to hold the strands and move the hair around. In this video you will learn a fishtail braid, a dutch fishtail braid, a double french fishtail braids, a french fishtail braid and a double dutch fishtail braid. Good luck!


Things you will need to create these fishtail hairstyles

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5 Different Fishtail Braid Hairstyles

Fishtail Braid For Beginners

A fishtail braid is actually really easy to do, but it looks very difficult. The fishtail braid is a great braid and you can easily use it in different hairstyles and it´s a perfect braid for wedding updos!

You can do the basic fishtail braid on the back of your head (like I did in the video below) or pull all your hair to one side and then do a beautiful side braid you can pull to the front. If you dont want all your hair tied back, then you can create a fishtail braid half top half down hairstyle, where you braid the up half!


Dutch Fishtail Braid For Beginners

A dutch fishtail braid is the most beautiful braid I have ever done on my channel, but it’s also the most time consuming braid ever!

So if you give the classic dutch fishtail braid a try, make sure you got plenty of time on your hands! You don´t have to start the braid as high as I did, you can start it lower down on the head, that way it’s quicker to do!


French Fishtail Braid For Beginners

If you know how to do a basic fishtail braid, then the french fishtail braid will be quite easy for you to learn.

If it´s the first time trying out the french fishtail braid and you are struggling, then take some bigger sections to get the technique of the braid down first. Then when you know the technique by heart, then take smaller sections to get the beautiful fishtail detail in the braid.


Double Dutch Fishtail Braid For Beginners

If you are tired of dutch braids and want to try something new, then you can give the double dutch fishtail braids a try!

It will take a while to do, because the sections of hair are so small, but you can stop the braid at the nape of your neck. Then either do 2 small ponytails or 2 messy buns with the rest of the hair and that will save you some time!


Double French Fishtail Braid For Beginners

A double french fishtail braid is definitely on my top five list of favorite braids.

There is just so many details in this braid and if you dont want to do 2 full braids, then the french fishtail braid looks so beautiful in updos and curly half up half downs hairstyles. You can also just end the braid at the nape of the neck and do some messy buns with the rest of the hair.


So that is how to fishtail braid for beginner with 5 different fishtail braids to choose from!


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