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I absolutely LOVE this ponytail with extensions! I have worn it to different events and a wedding and every time, I have gotten so many compliments! So today I’m showing you how you can achieve this look, even with short hair. My hair is not as long as on the picture (I wish) so I’m using my Foxylocks hair extension to add volume and a lot of length to my hair. You don’t have to use long hair extensions, you can use shorter just for volume or none at all, it completely up to you! Let’s get into it!

If you are more visual and like to watch a video instead of reading, then you can watch my “How To Long & Voluminous Ponytail With Hair Extensions” tutorial here! Make sure to follow my Youtube channel here & Instagram here so you never miss a new hairstyle!

I´m using my Foxylocks hair extensions and it’s the set called, Seamless Superior, with 230g 22″ clip-ins in the color Hollywood Blonde. I absolutely love them and have used them for years. If you are interested in foxylocks hair extensions, then you can use my code “FoxyAmalie” (I will get a small commission, but it will not affect you in any way or cost you anything. If you use the code, Thank you!) and get a free gift at checkout on foxylocks.com

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ITEMS NEEDED: Brush, Teasing comb, Hair Elastic, Hair Extensions, Hair Clips, Curling Iron 19mm and Hair Spray

TIME REQUIREMENT: 30-40 minutes




Step 1: Create a small ponytail on the back of your head, where you want the bigger ponytail to be

Step 2: Clip in the smaller extensions around the small ponytail

Step 3: Section of your hair so you can add a extensions from ear to ear

Step 4: Clip in the bigger extension from ear to ear

Step 5: Section of some hair on the side of the hair 

Step 6: Clip in a medium extension on the side of your head

Step 7: Do the same on the other side

Step 8:  Teas the top part of your hair

Step 9: Section of your bangs, if you want them down, otherwise just skip this step

Step 10: Secure the rest of the hair into a ponytail

Step 11: Pull in the ponytail to give the hair more volume

Step 12: Curl the ends of your own hair, so they match the ponytail (If you curl your hair before, it’s a bit easier to do)

Step 13: Curl your bangs

Step 14: Tease the ponytail to give it more volume and then you are done with your ponytail with extensions



So now that you know, how to create an amazing and fabulous ponytail with extensions, there are so many more hairstyles that you can do. So, click around here on the site and find more inspiration and more step by step tutorials! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. I will try and help you as good as I can!

Remember to follow my Youtube channel here & Instagram here so you never miss a new hairstyle!




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