How To Infinity Braid Step by Step For Complete Beginners

An infinity braid is a great braid to wear in ponytail hairstyles, for work, for any special occasion, or whatever you have coming up!

This post is all about how to infinity braid as a beginner!

how to infinity braid

The infinity braid is an absolutely beautiful braid, that just keeps on going! It can look a bit difficult, but the pattern of the braid is so easy and simple! All you have to do is to wrap the hair around in a figure 8 shape, and that will give you the intricate details.

If you want lots and lots of detail, then take tiny sections when adding in hair, but it can be easier and quicker to do if you grab some bigger sections, but give both a try and let me know what you prefer!


Things you might need to braid an infinity braid

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Time requirement: 10 minutes – depending on the hair length

Skill level: Easy



  1. Split all the hair into 2 equal sections
  2. Take a small section of hair from behind the left strand. This is now your wrapping strand
  3. Then take the wrapping strand and cross it over the left strand and then under the right strand
  4. Then cross the wrapping strand over the right strand and under the left strand
  5. Grab a small section from the left strand and add it to the wrapping strand
  6. Then cross the wrapping strand over the left strand and under the right strand
  7. Again add some hair from the right strand to the wrapping strand
  8. Then cross the wrapping strand over the right strand and under the left strand
  9. Repeat steps 5-8 until you reach the end of the hair
  10. Then pull the wrapping strand to the back and pinch all 3 strands together and tie of the braid with an elastic


More infinity braid tutorials

How to dutch infinity braid

When you have mastered the basic infinity braid, then take the braid to the next level by adding hair to the braid and do a dutch infinity braid! Below you will find an easy tutorial showing you how to hold the strands when doing a dutch infinity braid, because if you have that down, then this braid will be very easy to do!


How to double dutch infinity braid

If you want to do a double dutch infinity braid, then I would recommend having really long hair! Or use one to two 1 clip extensions, at the front of the hair to help with the hair length and volume!


How to dutch infinity braid

Infinity braiding your own hair can be quite difficult, but in this video, I’m showing you how to hold the hair and maneuver everything around. With some practice and some patience, you can do this beautiful braided updo in no time!

This post was all about learning how to create an infinity braid!


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