How To 4 Strand Round Braid For Beginners (Easy 3D Braid)

A 4 strand round braid is a beautiful braid and it looks absolutely amazing in a high ponytail! You can’t really see where a strand start or where it ends, but it’s actually quite simple to do!

This post is all about how to 4 strand round braid!

4 strand round braid

Learn how to do a 4 strand braid as a beginner

A 4 strand round braid works best in ponytails, so I would choose to do it in either a high or a low ponytail depending on what look you are going for!

This chain-looking braid is perfect for long hair. If your hair is on the shorter side and still want to give this chain-looking braid a try, then grab some hair extensions and clip them in! You might have some hair sticking out where your hair ends, but a lot of hairspray always helps with that!

Things you might need to do this four strand round braid!

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How to 4 strand round braid step by step

I was going to write a step by step guide, but I cant explain how to do this braid with no visuals, it would not make sense. So please what the video for a full tutorial!


More 4 strand braid tutorials For You To Try!

how to 4 strand braid

This four strand braid is the easiest of all the four strand braids to do and it looks just as beautiful! If you have never done a four strand braid before, then I would recommend trying out this one first!


How to 4 strand flat braid

This is the third version of a 4 strand braid and this one is quite flat. The other 2 versions have more depth and detail to them, but this one is also quite unique looking!


How to 5 strand braid for beginners

If you find a 4 strand braid easy or want to try something a bit harder, then then add one more strand and do a 5 strand braid! It looks a lot different from a 4 strand braid, but it is also a bit more difficult to do, not impossible, but tricky!


This post was all about how to do a 4 strand round braid as a complete beginner!



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