6 Easy Beginner Friendly Braids – Learn All In 1 Day!

Beginner friendly braids are today’s topic! I have collected 6 of my favorite beginner braids and put them together into 1 video, so they are easier to find!

Out of the 6 braids, some of them are really easy and some are more advanced, so you get more skilled as you learn the 6 braids! I would recommend trying the braid out on other people first, so you can see and learn the pattern of the braid, before trying them out in your own hair.

This post is all about how to braid hair for beginners!

beginner friendly braids

How To Braid For Beginners

All these braids are great for a high or low ponytail, but the 3 strand braid, fishtail braid, and rope braid can also be made into braided pigtails. Simply part the hair down the back of the head before braiding the hair.

If you want to see some tutorials on how to braid your own hair instead of on a doll, then click here to read/watch “How To Braid Your Own Hair – 15 Must-Try Braids For An Everyday Hairstyle”.


Things you will need to create these fishtail hairstyles

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6 Beginner friendly braids

Listed from the easiest to the most difficult one!


How to braid (3 strand braid)

A 3 strand braid is the best braid to learn for beginners. It´s quite simple to do and there are only 2 steps after you have parted the hair. It’s a perfect braid for a quick morning hairstyle, that will last all day! You can also split the hair down the back of the head before braiding and create some braided pigtails.

How to rope braid 

A basic rope braid looks difficult to do, but it’s actually quite simple! You only have 2 strands to work with and all you have to do is to twist the hair in different directions to create the braid. It’s a great alternative to a normal ponytail and it also looks amazing in a half up half down hairstyle

How to fishtail braid 

A fishtail braid is very easy to do and like the rope braid, it only has 2 strands and then you cross over small sections of hair from one side to the side. I promise it makes more sense if you watch the video! But give it a try as it gives the most beautiful braid!

How to infinity braid 

An infinity braid is quite a unique braid, that you don’t see every day. It’s not really a braid you just do it quickly in the morning as it doesn’t take some time to do. But it looks beautiful in half up half downs or as a small part of a hairstyle or braided updo! If you want to save some time, then simply take bigger sections, you will lose some detail in the braid, but you will still have the infinity effect!

How to four strand braid 

A 4 strand braid is great for a low ponytail or half up half down hairstyle. I love the look of this type of 4 strand braids and its very simple to do! If you find this one difficult to braid, then check out my other 4 strand braid tutorials here, there might be another one you like!

How to five strand braid 

I would recommend trying out the 5 strand braid as the last braid out of the 6. It’s not really hard to do, the hardest part is maneuvering 5 strands around. In the video, I show where to place the strands in your hands so they are easy to move around, which makes braiding this braid very easy!

This post was all about beginner friendly braids you can learn in less than 1 day! They are easy to learn and perfect for braided hairstyles!


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