How To Do a Bow Hairstyle For Beginners

How to create a hair bow for complete beginners! Not the ones made from fabric that you can clip in your hair, but a bow hairstyle, where you style the hair into a bow shape!

This hairstyle is perfect for a wedding for tiny bridesmaids or for any special occasion!

This post is all about how to create a bow with hair for beginners!

This bow hairstyle looks a lot harder to do than it is! Even if you are a beginner at hairstyles, I´m sure with a few tires you can do this hairstyle like a pro!

The key to this hairstyle is hairspray and lots of it! When you have styled the hair the way you want it, spray that hair down so it doesn’t move!

This hairstyle looks great on both curly and straight hair, but I really think curling the hair is the final touch on this hairstyle, as it gives a more romantic/feminine feel to it.



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How to do a bow hairstyle for beginners

TIME REQUIREMENT: 10-15 minutes



Easy step-by-step guide

  1. Take a section of hair on each side of the face and tie the hair together at the back of the head
  2. take a second elastic and tie the “ponytail” into a loop
  3. Split the loop in 2 and take the left side and fan the hair out to mimick one side of a bow
  4. Take a bobby pin and pin the hair down from the top and the bottom
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 on the right side of the hair
  6. Place a topsy tail behind the middle of the bow
  7. Grab a small section of hair and place it through the topsy tail
  8. Spray the hair with some hairspray to make the hair stick together and more secure
  9. Pull the topsy tail through the hair, so you have wrapped the middle part of the bow
  10. Secure the section with a bobby pin


This post was all about how to do a beautiful half up half down hairstyle with a hair bow.


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