3 Easy Hair Buns For beginners – How To Put Your Hair Into A Bun For Beginners

Hair buns are such a great and easy way to style your hair in the morning when you are running late, or even for formal occasions.

There are so many variations of buns you can do and depending on your hair length, you might have to make changes to some of the buns, as some buns work great for shorter hair and others better with longer hair, so it´s really all about trial and error.

This post is all about how to do 3 easy hair buns for beginners


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Schuncies perfect for hair buns

Using a scrunchie for a bun is a great elastic to use and it’s good for the hair as well. There are so many styles and types of scrunchies to choose from and my best tip when choosing a scrunchie is going for the once you like the look of the best. It doesnt matter if its silk, cotton, pink or green, just pick out the one that speaks to you!

If you only want to buy one scrunchie, then I would recomend one that matches your hair color or black as it will look good to everything!

For and extra touch to your outfit you can pick a scrunchie that matches/compliments the color or print and suddenly you look so much more put together!




3 Easy Buns For Complete beginners

Ballerina bun in 5 easy steps

This ballerina bun is so great for those days when you are running late as it only takes 1 minute to do. It’s also great for the gym as it’s quite secure and won’t fall out if secured correctly!

  1. Gather your hair into a ponytail
  2. Twist the ponytail a few times until its really tight
  3. Wrap the hair around itself to create a bun while still twisting the hair
  4. Secure the bun with an elastic
  5. Add a scrunchie to hide the elastic


Easy bun For Beginners in 6 simple steps

The looped bun is perfect if you want your bun to look more put together and elegant. It’s really practical for an everyday hairstyle, as it won’t come undone throughout the day so if you have a special occasion at night, you can do this in the morning and it will still look good many hours later!

  1. Gather your hair into a ponytail
  2. Create a small loop with the ponytail and secure the loop with an elastic
  3. Grab one of the loops from the elastic and pull it out and hold it in 1 hand
  4. Take the ponytail and pull it through the elastic to create a second loop
  5. Repeat step 4 until you have no more hair to pull through
  6. Add a scrunchie to cover the elastic


Easy bun For Beginners in 6 simple steps

This bun is a very messy and loose bun. I love to wear this bun for an everyday hairstyle as it is so laid-back, but if you need to move a lot and run around, this might not be the bun for you!

  1. Gather your hair into a ponytail
  2. Create a big loop with all of the hair
  3. Secure the bun with a scrunchie or a basic elastic
  4. Adjust the hair to make the bun look the way you want it too

This post was all about how you can put your hair into a bun for beginners! 


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