How To Tie Your Own Hair Into A Ponytail – For Guys & Girls

A ponytail is a very practical hairstyle and you can also do so many pretty hairstyles with it, but if you don’t know how to tie your hair into a ponytail, then let’s start there – So today we are taking it back to the basics!

This post is all about how to do a basic ponytail!


Before anything, I would always recommend brushing your hair, so there are no tangles in your hair so its easier to smooth out the hair.

If you want to do a quick bun hairstyle, then instead of pulling the hair all the way through the elastic the last time, only pull it half way through so you create a loop and then you have an easy bun!


Things you might need to do a ponytail

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How To Tie Your Own hair into ponytail for beginners


How To Do A Ponytail Step By Step



Step by Step guide

Time requirement: 3 minutes
Skill level: Easy

  1. Put the elastic on your right wrist (If you are left-handed you have to do the same thing, just the opposite hand in all of the steps)
  2. Flip all your hair to the back and gather it in the middle and hold it with your right hand
  3. Take the elastic and pull it over the hair to the left side and pull the hair through gently (The hair might fall through by itself, but if not, gently flip it through the elastic)
  4. Hook all of your fingers through the elastic and twist it
  5. Grab the ponytail with your left hand
  6. Take the elastic and pull it over your hair to the right side
  7. Hook all of your fingers through the elastic and twist it
  8. Grab the ponytail with your right hand
  9. Again grab the elastic and pull it over the hair to the right side – Depending on how big your elastic is and how tight you want the ponytail to be, you can continue the steps and wrap the elastic around 1 or 2 times more, but mine is fine here, so I’m just going to let go of the elastic
  10. Done 🙂


Other hairstyles for complete beginners

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This post was all about how to tie your hair into a ponytail as a complete beginner!


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