Double Bubble Braid For Complete Beginners!

No-braid hairstyles are so great for beginners, and they just look cute! This double bubble braid is such a great alternative to a dutch braid as it gives the same volume on top of the hair, it might not look the exact same, but if you can not dutch braid at all, this is way easier!

This post is all about a double bubble braid!

double bubble braid

You don’t have to do the same size of bubbles as I did, you can do bigger or smaller, depending on what look you are going for! If you are trying to mimic a Dutch braid, I would go for a lot of smaller bubbles!


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Double Bubble Braid For Complete Beginners! EASY & SIMPLE HAIRSTYLE


Double bubble braid step by step for beginners

  1. Split your hair into 2 equal sections down the back of your head and clip 1 side away with a hair clip
  2. take a small section of hair in the front and tie it into a small ponytail
  3. Clip the ponytail away
  4. Take a new section of hair below the first one and tie the hair into a ponytail
  5. Take down the first ponytail and grab the second ponytail and tie them together
  6. To create the bubble, pull in the hair between the ponytails
  7. Now repeat steps 4-6 until there is no more hair you can add to the ponytails
  8. When you reach the nape of the neck and there is no more hair you can add to the hairstyle, then add a new elastic to the hair a few centimeters down
  9. Pull in the hair between the elastics to create a bubble
  10. Repeat steps 8-9 until you reach the ends of the hair

double bubble braids


Taking out the elastics can be a pain and hurt pretty bad if you do it wrong! I did that for years, I was struggling to pull them out, using scissors and other things to get them out until I found this amazing tool! It’s an elastic cutter, that won’t cut your fingers or your hair!

Just simply slide the pointy side under the elastic to catch it and pull it down to cut it. Easy, simple, and no pain – highly recommend!

How to remove elastics from hair

elastic remover


Other bubble braid Hairstyles for you to try!

Basic bubble braid tutorial

This hairstyle is perfect for an everyday style because it doesn’t take that long, and it´s an easy way to spice up your basic ponytail! You can do this braid in a high or low ponytail, depending on what look you are going for.

Single Bubble Braid Tutorial For Beginners

This French version of a bubble braid will get you many compliments! It’s very easy to do and it will last for a long time because it’s only made with ponytails and tiny elastics!

This post is all about how to create an easy bubble braid hairstyle for beginners! 


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