Viking Hairstyles – Braided Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

These braided Viking hairstyles are maybe not for an everyday hairstyle, but for the weekend when you have time to hang out with a friend or for special occasions!

This post is all about Viking hairstyles!

viking hairstyles

If you know how to do a basic braid and a lace braid or understand the technique of French braid, then you can do all these hairstyles. You might need to try a few times if you haven’t tried anything like this before, but after some time I’m sure you will be able to do it!



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How To Viking Braid For Beginners

If any part of the braid is too difficult or there are details on the braid you don’t like in a specific hairstyle, then you can skip those steps. You also do not need to cover the elastics with hair, it looks beautiful without it as well!

This post was all about Viking braids and how you can learn to create 8 different hairstyles!


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