How To Lace Braid For Beginners

Dive into a new world of a lace braid! This elegant and timeless braid is simple and easy to do. Follow along with this easy step-by-step guide to create a beautiful braided hairstyle!

This post is all about how to lace braid!

What is the difference between a lace braid, a regular braid, and a french braid?

Regular braid

A basic braid, also known as a 3-strand braid, is the simplest form of braiding. You divide the hair into 3 strands and cross them over one another alternately until you reach the end of the hair.


French braid

You take the regular braid and build on top of that technique by adding hair to the strands before crossing them over alternately. 


Lace braid

A lace braid is a variation of the french braid, but instead of adding hair to both sides, you add hair only to one side. 

In summary, if you know how to do a french braid, you can do a lace braid with no problems! And if you are completely new, then starting with learning the french braid technique might be a good idea!


Can you incorporate lace braids into different hairstyles?

Absolutely! Lace braids are versatile and can be incorporated into various hairstyles for a feminine and charming look. Here are a few ideas:


Half up half down hairstyle

Create 2 lace braids, one on each side. Then combine both braids by tying them together at the back of the head with an elastic.


Lace Braided Updo

Create a lace braid like the one I show in the video below. With the rest of your hair create a low bun, it can be sleek or messy, do whatever fits the style you are going for. Then wrap the braid around the bun and secure it with some hair pins. Then pull in the sides of the braid to give it more volume.

You can also do this hairstyle with a ponytail instead.


Lace braided headband

To keep your hair out of your face you can do a lace braid that starts at one ear and ends at the other, so it wraps over your head.


What styling tools do I need to do a braided hairstyle?

You don’t need that many things to do lots of hairstyles, but there is a few basic items, that you need. Most you probably already have, but if you don’t then these are some items I would recommend having!


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Lace braids


How to braid for beginners

Detangle your hair

Before you start braiding, you need to brush your hair through to make sure there are no tangles as tangles make everything more difficult!


Apply styling products

Whatever styling products you like to use, apply them now to tangle-free hair. I love to use a texturizing spray or powder to add grip to the hair, which makes it easier to braid as the hair doesn’t slip around your fingers.


Step-by-step guide

  1. Take a small section of hair at the front and split it into 3 equal sections (now you have a top strand – closest to the middle part, a middle strand, and a bottom strand – closest to your ear)
  2. Then cross the top strand over and into the middle
  3. Now cross the bottom strand over and into the middle
  4. – Now you have started the braid and now you have to add hair to the braid
  5. Then cross the top strand over and into the middle
  6. Now pick up a new small section of hair on the same side as the top strand 
  7. Then add the new hair to the middle strand (The strand you crossed over in step 5 – you can also add hair to the top strand before you cross it over and into the middle)
  8. Then take the bottom strand and cross it over and into the middle – you don’t add hair to the braid on this side.
  9. Repeat steps 5-8 until you reach the back of the head
  10. When you get to the back of the head then you can either braid the rest of the strands like a normal 3 strand braid or tie the braid closer to the head

This post was all about learning how to lace braid step by step as a complete beginner!


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