Twisted Waterfall Braid Half Up

Blonde Hairdresser doll with a twisted waterfall braid in the hair, seen from the back. Blonde Hairdresser doll with a twisted waterfall braid in the hair, closeup seen from the back

Today we are taking a look at the twisted waterfall braid. Waterfall braids are so beautiful and the latest tutorial I did on “How to Waterfall Braid For Beginners” is very popular on my channel, so I thought I would show you a different version, which gives the most beautiful hairstyle! The twisted waterfall is quite easy to do and I would say its easier to do then the basic waterfall braid, but not by much. You can either do 1 braid and get some hair out of your face or do 2 braids, one on each side and tie them together in the middle and create a unique looking Twisted waterfall half up half down hairstyles, that I can promise you will get lots of compliments on!

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