How To Twisted Waterfall Braid

Today we are exploring the elegance of a twisted waterfall braided hairstyle, where the strands cascading from the twist create a stunning look without the need for traditional braiding!

This post is all about twisted waterfall braid!

Blonde Hairdresser doll with a twisted waterfall braid in the hair, seen from the back.

FAQ on Waterfall Braids

What hair length is good for a waterfall braid?

A waterfall braid works well on medium to long hair lengths. The cascading effect is more prominent with longer strands.

A quick way to tell if your hair is long enough is to find the starting strand of the braid – step 1 in the step by step guide below. If the section of hair can reach a little bit past the middle of the back of the head, then your hair is long enough. You don’t add any hair to this twisted hairstyle so your first strand should be able to reach all the way.


Are there other types of waterfall braids?

Yes! There are lots of other types of waterfall braid to try if you don’t like this twisted version. I have done videos on waterfall braid with no braiding involved. Twisted waterfall braids, fake waterfall braids and the classic version that is braided. 


Types of waterfall braids: 

  1. The classic waterfall braid 
  2. Twisted waterfall braid
  3. Faux waterfall braid
  4. Scissor waterfall braid
  5. Waterfall braid with only elastics

waterfall braids


5 Styling tools for a waterfall braid hairstyle

You don’t need that many things to do lots of hairstyles, but there is a few basic items, that you need. Most of you probably already have, but if you don’t, I would recommend having these items!


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Blonde Hairdresser doll with a twisted waterfall braid in the hair, closeup seen from the back

Twisted waterfall braid tutorial

Prep the hair

Before you do any hairstyle, it’s a good idea to prep your hair with some hair styling products as it will make it a lot easier to do your hair! 

For this twisted half up half-down hairstyle, start by brushing your hair so it is tangle-free. Then to give the hair some grip, add a texturizing powder or spray. You can also spray the hair after braiding if you prefer that.


Styling after braiding

When you are done braiding, then you can leave the hairstyle as it is, which gives a nice casual look. If you want to elevate the hairstyle more, you can curl the hair hanging down or create some waves, to give the hairstyle a more feminine look.


Step-by-step guide

  1. Take a small section of hair at the front and split it into 2 equal sections (Now you have a top strand and a bottom strand – the top strand is closest to the middle part and the bottom is closest to your ear)
  2. Now take the bottom strand and cross it over the top strand so they switch places
  3. Then pick up a new section of hair next to the top strand
  4. Place it between the 2 strands and let go of it, so I fall between the top strand and the bottom strand
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 until you reach the back of the head
  6. When you get to the back of the head, then take a small elastic and tie the braid of – optionally you can do a basic rope braid with the hair that’s left and tie the braid od at the end of the hair
  7. To get a half up half down hairstyle, repeat the whole tutorial on the other side if the head and tie both braids tighter at the middle of the back of the head

This post was all about how to do an easy half up half down hairstyle with a twisted waterfall braid


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